Important Enrollment Information

When enrolling in courses for the new undergraduate academic year, keep in mind:

  • Your student status (and subsequent membership to MAPS or MSU) is based directly on the number of units you will be taking over the course of the academic year (September-April).
    • If you will be taking 17 or fewer units collectively over the Fall and Winter terms (5 or fewer courses) you will have Part-Time student status.
    • If you will be taking 18+ units collectively over the Fall and Winter terms (6 or more courses) you will have Full-Time student status.
      • Enrolling into a sixth course automatically changes your status to Full-Time, regardless if you drop back down to 5 or fewer courses, thus make sure to use the “swap” function to change courses instead of the “add & delete” functions.
  • Switching membership between MSU and MAPS must be done via the MSU-MAPS TRANSFER FORM
    • In order to determine if you are eligible please consult the following page: Membership
  • Both your student status and the associated fees are finalized at the end of September.
    • Your student status cannot be changed or restored after this time.