Established in 1979, the McMaster Association of Part-time Students (MAPS) represents over 6,000 part-time undergraduate and CCE students; voicing your needs and advocating for your interests at numerous academic and administrative University committees. However, our role and purpose does not end at advocating on your behalf, we continue to provide a variety of different services aimed at helping you through your academic career here at McMaster, including a student lounge & study area specifically reserved for part time students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are members of MAPS?

MAPS’ membership includes undergraduate students enrolled in fewer than 18 academic units of study over Terms 1 and 2 (September – April), as well as students enrolled at the Centre for Continuing Education.

What membership fees do I pay as a MAPS member?

The current MAPS fee is $7 per academic unit of study. So a part-time student taking 12 units in an academic session would pay $7X12 = $84.

Do MAPS services include prescription drug reimbursement or other forms of health insurance?

As of September 2014, MAPS members may opt-in to the health and dental plan offered through the McMaster Students Union (MSU). As this is an optional program, members who wish to purchase coverage need to do so no later than September 30th in the fall and no later than January 30th in the winter (depending on when you become a part-time student).

Where is the MAPS office and lounge located?

Our student lounge and offices are in the McMaster University Student Centre in room 234 on the second floor.

Is MAPS a member of national or provincial student organizations?

No. MAPS was a member of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance from 1999 to 2004 and again from 2011 to 2014. MAPS will work with other student associations on issues of shared concern.

I’ve been a part-time student in the past but I registered in 18 or more units this term. Can I continue as a member of MAPS?

If you are registered in 18 or more academic units in an academic session, you are, by definition a full-time student and a member of the MSU. In a limited number of circumstances, students may transfer their membership from MSU to MAPS or MAPS to MSU.

As a part-time student, may I vote in campus elections and referenda?

Each year MAPS members are asked to nominate and elect members to the Board of Directors, and vote on matters of business of the Association (normally to appoint the Auditors for the fiscal year).

Members do this through:

  • The Annual General Referendum (held each Spring)
  • Other referenda, as may be called by the Board of Directors
  • General or Special Meetings of the Membership

All undergraduate students (full and part-time) may vote to elect student representatives to the

  • McMaster University Board of Governors
  • University Senate
  • University Planning Committee

You cannot, however, vote for the MSU president, SRA members, or on MSU sponsored referenda questions.