McMaster Association of Part Time Students Bursary

The McMaster Association of Part-Time Students Bursary can be awarded a maximum of three times per academic year to those part-time students who qualify. The Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer MAPS Bursaries must each be applied to separately.

The bursary is available for part-time students who do not qualify for OSAP, as well as to those students who are experiencing financial difficulty.

All applications for the MAPS Bursary must be completed through Mosaic, as paper applications have been discontinued.


Application Instructions

Step 1: Mosaic

All financial aid applications must be completed via the Mosaic System.

Step 2: Student Center

After logging into mosaic, navigate to the student center section.

Step 3: Finance

Scroll down to the finances section. Here you will find several options, including the ability to accept/decline awards, view current financial aid applications, as well as what awards have been granted.

Step 4: Apply for Financial Aid

To apply to the bursary you will want to select the “Apply for Financial Aid” option

Step 5: Complete Personal Profile

You will be presented with a “welcome/start” page which will prompt you to complete a personal profile.

It is important to answer all questions, and answer them to the best of your knowledge. Do not leave any fields blank.

Step 6: Apply to Bursary

After completing the personal profile, select the “General Bursary/ Work Programs” tab, select the financial aid year, and check off the respective bursary you wish to apply for.

Please make note of the application open and close dates.

Step 7: Supporting Documents

After completing this section you will be presented with a series of supporting documents which must be completed and submitted to the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

They can be submitted in person or via an online dropbox link which will be provided along with the supporting documents.


Final Note:

If you have any issues or questions regarding the process, feel free to contact us or the student financial aid and scholarships office

SFAS: (x24319)

Part time funding (both OSAP and the MAPS bursary) are designed to assist with education costs, but are not designed to cover all living expenses, meaning that in most cases they cannot be the sole financial resource.