The Health and Dental Plan Opt-In Option

MAPS has arranged for part-time students to opt-in to the MSU’s Health and Dental Plan. This is the same plan that all full-time undergraduates pay for as part of their ancillary fees. The average premium for 12 months coverage falls around $676 per person. Also, if you need to add a dependant you can not do it online, you can only apply at the MSU office (MUSC 201).

Term 1 Opt-In: For 12 months coverage (Sept – Aug)

September 1st – September 30th

Term 2 Opt-In: For 8 months coverage (Jan – Aug)

January 1st to January 31st

*These dates are subject to change.

Students must be enrolled in 17 units or less at the time signing up for that specific term. Also, those who start in January this coming year will not be placed retroactively to September 1.

Note: You cannot purchase this coverage unless you are insured through OHIP or UHIP. The MSU Health & Dental Plan does not replace basic medical coverage in Ontario, it is a supplement to it.

Plan Application via WeSpeak:

Online application

Who can purchase this insurance?

You can purchase this insurance if you are:

  • Registered as a part-time undergraduate student
  • Enrolled in the Clinical Behavioural Sciences Program (Bachelor’s stream only. Graduate Stream students should contact the GSA).

How much is the insurance and what is the deadline for applying?

MSU Members approved changes to benefits in a recently held referendum. As a result, the premium cost per person for insurance has increased to $635 for 12 months of coverage. Generally the opt-in period for the Fall term is open until September 30th, with a second opt-in period in January. until January 31

Why do MAPS members pay more for this insurance than MSU members?

The higher cost for part-time students is due to a higher anticipated utilization by part-time students who purchase coverage. As all full-time students pay for the plan, but not all use it, their costs are shared over a wider group.

Where do I apply/pay for this insurance?

If you have a credit card you can apply online at between September 1st and 30th

Is coverage immediate?

Coverage is effective as of September 1st, but automatic billing is not available until the insurance company has verified that you are a student at McMaster, and this may not be complete until mid-October. If you need to incur expenses now, you should keep your receipts and submit a claim for reimbursement.

For more detailed information please visit the MSU’s Health and Dental Insurance page